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The body language can express all our ideas, emotions and our nature. Putting my vision into a choreography or into my dance is an elevation of my soul. I worked worldwide with various companies and created pieces up to 200 dancers performing on stage. What if your vision came true? Just give me coffee and watch me make it happen. 


My Workshop mission is to build a strong foundation and to help guide my participants to become unique dancers. CALYPSO WORKSHOPS will give dancers a chance to expand their horizons and break out of their comfort zone. Get ready for a challenging choreography, creative selfdiscovery and a lot of fun. Let's explore the joy of movement.


I see it as my duty to transmit the hip hop culture and its roots in an appropriate way. Many hip hop legends make a claim when repeating the sentence: “Hip Hop is dead.” What is the reason for this? A lot of teachers teach hip hop even though the taught dance style is not the one they claim it to be. On the other hand others lack knowledge about culture and therefore provide information based on improvisation. My classes are based on a clear structure in which I put across a positive hip hop energy interconnected with discipline and fun, to all participants. My focus is to provide tools that will allow them to develop their own style and think outside the box. It's time for creative selfdiscovery.


Do you have a project you need help realizing or do you need to clarify your goals? Based on my experience in various dance styles, travelling and coaching, I feel confident in my ability to evaluate your performance skills and abilities in a focused personal training. We will clarify your mission and break down your goals into daily activities. I will bring the best out of every client, to make your performance to an unforgettable experience.

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